“Love”is the worst (stinks?) 10 reasons you won’t believe!

“Love”is the worst (stinks?) 10 reasons you won’t believe!

So, over the past two days I completed the new Netflix DRAMADY, Love. I went into it knowing it was going to be the same comfortable bullshit that all ‘modern’ love stories are. I was expecting it to be stupid and easy and somewhat relateable, and in some ways it was, but also it was the worst (it might not actually be that because it made such an impact on me.)

Anyways, here are my accessibly laid out ten reasons why this show is fucking horrible and detrimental to society overall.

1. California



Since when is everything that happens ever only happening in California. Real original location, Love. Some screenwriter was just channeling his college professor that told him that the only way to write realistically is to set the story in a place he was familiar with. Like everyone else. It would make sense if there was like a particular reason why it needed to be set in California other than the male protagonist WANTING TO BE A HOLLYWOOD WRITER oooo. But there isn’t. So that’s boring. Write what you know, kids, which is the same thing as everyone else.

2. Mickey



Gillian Jacobs’ character is definitely the best part of the show in my opinion. However, it is still one of the reasons it is horrible because like all she ever does is want to be in a relationship and there is so much more to life than that, obviously, the show is called fucking Love so that’s understandable. This is the most excusable worst part. The part where she takes too much Ambien and goes to her exboyfriend’s church thing is actually hilarious. Recreational Ambien use for the win. But they focus on her job for like a second in the first few episodes only so that she can fuck her boss and that makes me mad.

3. Gus



I found the male protagonist, Gus, to be absolutely deplorable. His character’s actions throughout this season are inconsiderate and annoying. I think he was supposed to be a somewhat loveable film geek or something. But he was not, he was just a jerk who likes movies and writing screenplays.

4. Nickey’s Roommate settles for one of Gus’s boring friends.



I dunno, it was just a stupid idea, unless this entire show was meant to be a parody, but I don’t think it was. I know you didn’t watch it, but seriously, you would hate it too.

5. Blame



Okay, so this is one of the things that bothers me the most. Clearly, the show blames Mickey for the initial breakup in the show because of her reaction to Gus forcing her to do something that she really didn’t want to do (go to a fucking lame non ironic magic show) and reacting poorly to it. He proceeds to ignore her after having sex with her anyways, and then has sex with his boring coworker because Mickey not only did not sing the lame song he came up with at his quirky ending credits theme-song creation party but called him out on it being fucking stupid.

6. Manic Pixie Dream Girl



The stupid manic pixie dream girl trope that was a somewhat fun male fantasy in the early 2000’s ala Garden State  is super evident in the Canadian actress that Gus has sex with because she is pretty but then realizes that she is lame and tries to shake her following him pretending to be nice to her in a really insincere way.

7. I am really mad at Judd Apatow



Urgh, I mean it is like everything else he has ever made in a lot of ways, but sometimes he is more sensitive to the female condition.

8,9, 10. The last three reasons are just why the ending was horrible



Okay, so at the end after Gus ignores Mickey for like a whole two days because he is selfish and stupid, she (after crying in her room over this douche for like 2 days and loses and then re-finds her cat and all he did was act like a douche in the writers room and somehow avoided being fired because I don’t know the plot favors him so much) figures out where he is via Instagram to APOLOGIZE. She apologizes for being “crazy” and starts going to therapy to be less “crazy” and that she isn’t going to date for a year. AND THEN HE KISSES HER AND EVERYTHING IS COOL. So it is crazy for women to express themselves and how they feel so that men don’t feel uncomfortable. I hope on the inside that this is meant to be an angering moment but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

The fact that this show made me visit this weird flaw in modern dating culture might be its most redeeming quality, however, I really don’t think that was it’s intent.