I am trying to make this as cryptic as possible basically bc you know he has Google Alerts set up.

  1. Created  Invented a certain Kangaroo shaped frosting cookie 90s snack food phenom


2. Invented a certain variety of chips on a certain brand that are actually not as greasy as the normal kind because they are cooked differently. He actually learned a lot about how to engineer this product perfectly for years and invented a machine to achieve this which is pretty amazing.


3. BFF with the lead artist (sculptor) of a certain brand of collectible big eyed religious children made out of ceramic material. (He illustrated his children’s book that he wrote and published which I will get to in no.4)


4. Wrote a piece of literature for young humans that facilitates them learning how to interpret data in the form of letters in a different way than has been engineered by past teachers. It did well. Once, on Amazon, a lady commented and said that her autistic son had not spoken once in his 20 years of life and after he read the book he started speaking.

5. Did one of those speeches that are really expensive to attend but actually you can watch them on the internet for free.



3 thoughts on “The top 5 things I can remember my entrepreneurship professor saying he did at least once

  1. That is quite a pedigree. Obviously by nature I was skeptical of these claims but I did not find any information to contradict them! (Tho it should be noted that the only attribution for claims to these inventions comes directly or indirectly from this guy himself).

    The children’s book in question was at LARL and somewhat popular but I hated it intensely because the illustrations are terrible. If they are truly by the ceramic religious children creator, I am surprised that person is so bad.


  2. Get this: There’s a book called “People Who Deserve It: Socially Responsible Reasons to Punch Someone in the Face.” It’s supposed to be funny but browsing it, it’s not really. Anyway there’s a subsection of entries called “People who don’t deserve it” and one of them is “Whoever invented du*****os!” They attribute it to a “mysterious person.” Myth UPHELD

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