WARNING: This List Is Canon

  1. The Simpsons – God Bless the Child

OK so this is branded Simpsons and is sung in character by Lisa Simpson but it was not actually on the show. It’s from the album The Simpsons Sing The Blues which came out in 1990, the same year the show premiered. It’s very early-simpsons in its characterization and a strange mix of covers of old blues songs and new material, some featuring Michael Jackson (!) including “Do the Bartman,” which was outrageously popular and though it was never released as a single – only as part of this weird album – and therefore never eligible to chart in the US, it did reach #1 in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

Anyway so this is Lisa Simpson singing a song by Billie Holiday. I love it way more than any other version of the song and more in general than I should any song by a cartoon character. But really it’s just Yeardley Smith, Lisa’s voice actor and something of a singer in her own write, doing a cover I like a lot.


2. South Park – Kyle’s Mom is a Bitch

As far as I know this is the only one I’m gonna pick that’s like “THE” song from a cartoon, the one that even people don’t watch know about. This song was like actually considered kind of edgy at the time from what I remember. I just think it is catchy.


3. Futurama – Bureaucrat Song

It’s been like a week and I have made no progress on this blog post so now I am just gonna write rapid fire descriptions so I can post this fucking thing; you don’t like it, COMPLAIN TO THE MANAGEMENT.

Island Rhythms


4. Mission Hill – She’ll be comin’ round the mountain

They only sing a couple times in this show at all I think, I just wanted to include Mission Hill cause it good


5. Bob’s Burgers – Taffy Butt

I never watched the Goonies much so I don’t have the crazy nostalgia for it that everyone else our age does. That said I guess this whole episode is a reference to it including this song, which parodies “The Goonies R Good Enough” by Cyndi Lauper and which actually features Cyndi so that is fun. Plus at the end of the credits Tina dances with Jimmy Jr. and it’s p cute


6. The Flintstones – Hollyrock-a-bye-baby

I have not heard this song since I was 6 years old including just now when I silently pulled it from youtube without being detected at the reference desk, so sorry it probably sucks. I remember it blowing my mind that fred flintstone had a grand kid like 40 or 50 years after he first appeared on TV and it was like this big tender moment.

I also just wanted to include the flintstones so I could make a reverse-joke about how “This IS your grandpa’s cartoon listicle” but eh fuck that

3 thoughts on “The Best Songs From Cartoons For Grown Ups

  1. God DAMN it i had over a week to write this but i only just remembered “uncle fucker” which is slightly better than kyles mom but i aint changin it now


  2. Hahaha, YOU CANT CHANGE IT WORDPRESS IS FOREVER. WHAT IS LISTICLE CANNON. Also, good picks bro. I would’ve maybe included get schwifty from Rick and Morty just to throw a “haaaay” out to that animated masterpiece as well. OR Franz Kafka from Home Movies.


  3. THIS ^^^^^ is canon!

    I would not have picked get schwifty cause that song was stupid and sucked, and it ruined the whole episode.

    Good call on Home Movies though, although both “Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space” and “Don’t Put Marbles (in your Nose)” would rank higher.


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