The actual name of the event has been changed for Google Alert purposes.

Tentative Fake Corporate Concept Weekend is weird. It is like a strange cult, and I am forever a member because I won it once (but just the one specifically for my weaker gender).

I attended their ending ceremonies and power point light show last evening and every single tribe that presented seems to be continuing on with their tentative concept ( a very well laid out power point).

Until next week when they realize how much work it is. My tribe and I still haven’t made much progress on our Tentative Fake Corporate Concept and the system is actually willing to funnel us money. We just don’t really care.

TFCCW is actually just a way for people to post on social media about how awesome they are at being a working adult. “Hey look lowly college classmates! On the weekends I work too. I am actually in a work contest that I pay money to be in.”

One of the weirdest things about it is that they BEG software and app developers to be in this competition. And even though most of the TFCCW power point light shows claim to be actually presenting things that only these individuals can make. They almost never even get to make anything at all all TFCCW.

The tribe that won last night actually used a form generator that I have used multiple times and called it an app. It took them 5 mins tops and I think they paid money so that they could have a pay option.

Just some observations on this weird cultural phenomenon, I don’t think it’s really detrimental to anything, however, it is strange.



One thought on “Tentative Fake Corporate Concept Weekend

  1. “every single tribe that presented seems to be continuing on with their tentative concept ( a very well laid out power point).” <—– Hahaha good stuff

    I did often wonder about this event that I have never attended. It reminded me of 48 hour film competitions where it's really fun and interesting to the people who participate but unlikely to produce anything of value to anyone else. I guess it's fine as a hobby if that's what you like. But I also think this is part of what leads entrepreneurs and such to think they are INCREDIBLY SPECIAL and geniuses.


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