I have not spoken much about my actual preference for a presidential candidate, mostly because my whole thing is that it’s dumb to like the politician guys on the TV and get all excited and happy when they say all the good stuff they’re going to do and, like, tie all your emotions and hopes that you have for your actual life where you’re experiencing things like breakfast and your anxiety over how your loved ones relate to you currently and if you are feeling the correct way or are successful into this insane contest that isn’t really a contest because most of it – from determining which individual people deserve to make national policy decisions down to picking who is going to win – has nothing at all to do with you or your choices but is mostly just a reflection of larger societal trends in history that we as INDIVIDUALS can, if we wish, believe we personify, but the truth is that we as a SOCIETY are now making decisions on such a large scale that your own preference does not statistically matter and like, sure go ahead and vote but don’t let your opinion of who should be a figurehead within an admittedly important committee get in the way of your being a fucking human being or make you act like a dick toward your friends or strangers or just generally acting in ways you never would in any other year when a bunch of people are not proverbially blinking a bunch of lights in your face and hooting and shrieking and trying desperately to make you scared in a very specific way, right this very second, to serve their own ends, you know?


That said, I like this onion article about hillary clinton because it is definitely how she actually feels under a slight coat of veneer and I kinda am ok w that

Click here to check it out at The Onion!


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